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On violent acts by the authorities in Mapuche territory

Human Rights Without Borders publicly expresses its concern about the successive acts of violence by the State committed under the emergency legislation in Mapuche territory, Wallmapu, which affects men, women and children, and which is contrary to international law.

We call on President Boric and his government to respect and implement ILO Convention 169 of 1989. ILO Convention 169 of 1989, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of 2007 and the American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of 2016, which recognise that indigenous peoples have the right to live in their ancestral territory and not to be forcibly displaced from it, as well as not to be subjected to forced assimilation. The “policy of the stick” against the so-called conflictive Mapuche who are claiming their rights and the outstretched hand to the well behaved or “domesticated” Mapuches, is contrary to the “is contrary to international law and tarnishes the image of Chile, its government and its president. of Chile, its government and its president.

Only dialogue and respect for national and international legality can bring satisfactory and lasting solutions for all parties that allow for peaceful coexistence and true good living.

Human Rights Without Borders
Santiago de Chile, April 2023.